Sunday, July 12, 2009

second year oledy..yeppiii

new sem...3rd sem already..can't believe myself...emm cepatnyer mase berlalu.

now i'm in 2nd year...n da best thing is i'm not junior anymore...hahahaha..can be consider as not too young n not too old.

a new sem..means a new beginning for me. need to improve a lot of thingssss....huhuhu

19 unit only for dis sem...coz got few "killer" i'm dun want to take any risk..

got 3 school core courses..(for da last 2 sem only 2 course per sem)..which are

1:ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY AND MICROBIOLOGY..(all bout organic chemical process dats occur in earth n envi + microb is all bout small tiny virus n etc)

2:FUNDAMENTAL OF FLUID FLOW..(y when its come bout fluid flow, da person dats appear in my mind is mr.wong??? i can't really score his course during my 1st need to work a little bit harder for this little...but much harder..)

3:GEOENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING...(new thing for us...mostly bout geology+geotechnic..all about soil..type..size..chemical..n etc)

besides the school courses, still need to take wajib or watever they called it..kinda confius already...

1:ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS 3 (yahhuuuuu...finally da final math..after dis no more math..alhamdulilah, eventhough i always had a hard time with math, but i got quite a good result...people always say.."hard work paid")

2:ENGINEERING SKILL 2 (if last sem we did the welding,gegas,kerja logam,autocad,mathlab n eng drawing...but this sem is about electric..pendawaian elektrik..nanti boleh wat wiring sndiri la..kuikui...PLC @ programmable logic controller...ORCAD= ak sendiri pun xthu benda alah ape orcad is a software la...PCB @ printed circut board..n lastly machine workshop dimana ad 3 mesin yg kena handle: mesin mill,mesin lathe, n mesin grinding...emmm...walaupun cam xpercaye ak kne wat semua nie, kne percaye la..demi menjadi jurutera glokal..huhu..ciplak visi U...but seriusly..dis courses is da most phisically n mentally challenging xpecially for da girl....rilex r welding pun da penah..stakat kne shot2 letrik sikit...biase lah...erkkkkk??? yeke????)

n for dis sem...malu la nk cite...ak ambik FOUNDATION ENGLISH...padan muke...sape sruh xwat leklok MUET..actually is not dat bad ok..but all the student who gets band 3 n below need to take the foundation first b4 they can proceed with UNIVERSITI ENGLISH. so back to basic la....its reminds me to my unachieving(suke ati je nie..ntah wujud ke x word nie) @ cita2 yg xtercapai sejak dr SPM lg....after SPM i applied for TESL but didn't get lor..after matric oso still applied for TESL...but at least i was called for interview for TESOL...unfortunately rezeki ak bkn dlm english...but alhamdulilah, ak bersyukur sgt2 with wat i have rite now...a new field n new hope dat i wil become a good n expert engineer. who know one day my name is IR.Nik Noor je ak nie....nyway lets just pray for da best..ok???


  1. lorhh..kalo ukm band 2 and below bru kna amek foundation english..hee chaiyokk mummy..prove it that the MUET test is wrong..

  2. yupe2...thakiu2..u all support me.