Thursday, August 19, 2010

let's meet MR. METHANE

Yesterday during WASTEWATER ENGINEERING all time fav lect MR. WONG, talk about methane(CH4)...i found out a few interesting fact about this MR. METHANE. so, i did a little goooooogleeeling and refer to some book about methane. Y??? why i am soo interested in methane..dis is simply bcoz i think dat i always neglect dis MR.METHANE. whenever i doin something bout air pollution, my focus would be on carbon dioxides, sulfur oxides (SOX) and nitrogen oxides(NOX) now...let focus on methane...
Methane is both a common naturally occuring chemical and is manufactured by man. Methane is the second most important "greenhouse gas" (after carbon dioxide) resulting from human activities. Releasing it to the atmosphere is thought to contribute to global warming.

Methane is a trace constituent of the atmosphere. Man made sources include natural gas extraction and transportation (methane is the main component of natural gas) waste disposal, agriculture and coal mining. Methane is also released in significant amounts by marshland, rice paddies and by ruminant animals (e.g. cattle, sheep) and termites.... sbgai contoh nyer, industri yg proses ethanol, hasil dr proses tue akan dikumpulkan di dlm 1 open pond...where the anaerobic process akan berlaku dlm pond tu sbgai salah satu cara utk rawat waste td....but da smell...fuhhhhh..mang kaw la....nk tercabut idung dibuat nyer, seriously...i've been there...!! x caye.....?? nie bukti nyer....

nmpk x yg itam kat sblh kami tue??? hah tu la salah satu sumber methane.......dan sumber2 yg lain adalah hasil dr pertanian n juge TAIK LEMBU. selain tu ad several natural sources kpd methane nie....makna nyer...methane yg semula jadi dh ada.

Methane gas build-up from landfill sites is a potential explosion hazard. The main impact of methane on the environment is as a greenhouse gas, leading to global warming. Over the last two centuries, methane concentrations in the atmosphere have more than doubled, largely due to human-related activities. Methane is the second most important greenhouse gas, after carbon dioxide. Although less emissions of methane are emitted into the environment the Global Warming potential of Methane is 21 times that of CO2, over 100 years. add info: mr wong bgtau yg methane nie adalah 16 lebih bahaya dr CO2...WOWwww!!! imagine that.....

Excessive exposure to methane may affect the brain.

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