Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fukushima vs Chernobyll


I guess everyone is aware about what is happening in JAPAN last 11March rite??
What a disaster. I am very sorry for all Japanese. But i am very confident that they will arise again from all this disaster, and everything will return to normal in a nick of time. Maybe they will be more advance compare before the disaster. why?? because they are Japanese, which can be consider as a hardworking, full of discipline people in this world. they will back in track in no time.

As an environmental engineering student, what is happening in Japan would be a very interesting topic for us. why?? it's simply because what is happening there is related to our field. for example, the earthquake and the tsunamis. it's a common phenomena that we should know about. The earthquake that occur in magnitude of 9 which is also the fifth largest earthquake in the world attract me more. Also the tsunamis.

What makes me more interested in updating the japan earthquake is the melt down of the nuclear reactor in Fukushima. Before this, i used to write about Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion as a case study in one of my assignment. if i wasn't mistake it for Environmental Health, Law and Safety. The disaster that occur in Chernobyl is almost similar to what happen in Fukushima recently. But the Chernobyll disaster not cause by the earthquake, but due to the failure occur during the testing process and it happen back in 1986.

When writting about this Chernobyll disaster, i'm 100% depend on the already available facts. And i can easily get all the information on what has happen back 25 years ago. but for this Fukushima, i need to upadating myself through news and etc in order for me to know the latest news there. So, the feeling is different. It is more interesting. I sometimes make my own prediction [ based on what use to happen in Chernobyl] what is going to happen next, and see if my prediction is correct or not. And i am eager to see how this major problem will be overcome because the technologies 25 years ago is totally different from today's generation especially in JAPAN as one of the leading modern country in the world.

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