Tuesday, February 14, 2012

me in child care

Salam.... my first ever entry after a long time on break........
actually got nothing to write, but just to keep this blog updates i have to write something.
well i wanna share one of my precious experience that i gain during my short break last week.
In my personal point of view, there are two things that i consider as very cute, adorable, and cuddly and etc...etc....[ which all the words that have the similar meaning]. which are:
i always love cats even though i have some kind of allergic with cat. whenever i touch cats, my eyes and nose will become very itchy, and i will sneezing non-stop until i washed my hands or taking allergic pills. but i don't care. i still like cats very much.it just that i don't cuddle them.
Anyway back to the topic...actually the precious experience that i am talking about is, i get a chance to experience working at the child care center. Actually my aunt is managing a new branch of child care center which is also known as PUSAT ANAK PERMATA [which under Kementerian Pembagunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat]. I'm not really "working" there but more like helping my aunt coz the other teacher is on emergency leave.

My aunt with the kids….listen to the teacher while you’re laying comfortably.  I wish I could do that too..

What i do?? I play with them. Help them during their breakfast and lunch, watch them doing their activities with my aunt, i sit at the corner coz i am to shy to join, Help them put on their clothes after bath, watch them sleep, i also sleep, they wake up, i am still sleeping, play again and wait for their parent to come and fetch them. 

different kids has different characters. Some a quite matured, some still like to steal the toys from others...then they fight...both cry. and trust me it is not easy to pamper them...phewwww....myself almost cry..hihihi

 Girls are different from boys. they are more cool and easy to get close. it just that girls are quite shy. but with boys, once they comfortable with you, they keep asking you to do this, to do that, makes jokes with u and no more shyness….

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